Educator Spotlight

All schools that attend Nature’s Classroom receive a unique experience based on location and time of year, and that’s no different for Doug Herbst and Medway Middle School.

Doug has a long history at summer camp and also in the traditional classroom. He has spent nearly 30 summers at a sleepaway camp in New York and over 13 years as a classroom teacher. Since joining the team at Medway Middle School, Doug has been involved in the school’s annual Nature’s Classroom trip. One of the things that keeps Doug coming back year after year is “knowing how important that outdoor experience can be, and how beneficial it is for kids. That’s why I continue to do it [lead the trip].”

Medway Middle School traditionally has attended Nature’s Classroom at our Freedom, NH location. Our Freedom location offers spectacular views of Ossipee Lake and the mountains surrounding it, but also becomes the students’ classroom for the week. Doug is engaged in every aspect of the program, from getting kids to bed at night to taking pictures of those same kids during their hands-on lessons. Doug has always appreciated the ability to tailor the program to the needs of his students and the school. Whether that’s getting kids out on our lake for a catamaran adventure or dissecting animals, Nature’s Classroom takes pride in being able to provide each school with a program that meets their desired outcomes.  

Doug has a long history at summer camp and also in the traditional classroom.

Getting students to “experience school in a different way,” as Doug likes to say, is something we continue to hear from schools that attend this program. Our science fair is a great example of that. As Doug recounted, one year his students were not excited about our evening science fair. After encouraging them to keep an open mind, he noticed those same students light up as they witnessed a pickle being electrified. 

The annual Nature’s Classroom trip, in September, is a great opportunity for Medway staff to get to know their students outside of the classroom, which helps in building trust and respect amongst the school community, throughout the year.

Doug had mentioned, “Talking with parents, as kids get older, they continue to talk about Nature’s Classroom and the fun they had. So we know it’s long-lasting.” Doug has witnessed first-hand the meaningful work done here at Nature’s Classroom, and has emphasized on multiple occasions the importance of such an experience: “We do not want to take this experience away (from the students and families).”  

Not only does this trip have short-term benefits – but it also leaves long-lasting impressions.

Outdoor education is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we want to help your students appreciate every second.

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