Covid-19 Memorandum of Understanding

For students and adult chaperones

Dear Teachers, Chaperones, and Families,

We are excited to provide the wonderful outdoor education experience that your school has been waiting for. We know how much this experience means to everyone, and we have been working non-stop to put measures in place that will allow us to run safely.

We recognize that in light of the current medical, legal, and economic impacts resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, conditions are subject to abrupt changes at any time. While we wish that we could control every possible risk, and while we will use our best efforts to keep participants safe from the Covid-19 virus, we want to make clear that we cannot promise or guarantee that this or any other pathogen will not enter camp. Also, by the very nature of the personal interaction that takes place in the camp environment, there is always a risk of participants becoming ill with this or any other communicable disease. We want you to be fully aware of this risk in making the decision to attend/send your child to Nature’s Classroom this season, and that you are willing to assume and accept it on your own/child’s behalf.

Because we want to do everything to keep Nature’s Classroom operating in a safe manner, if a participant tests positive for Covid-19, immediate arrangements will need to be made for that person to return home. We understand the difficulties this could present, but we want to do all we can to assure the safety of all participants at Nature’s Classroom.

If a participant is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 or has been deemed a close contact to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, they may be quarantined as recommended by our medical staff and local Department of Public Health. Depending upon the medical advice we receive, they may be allowed to remain at Nature’s Classroom while under quarantine, or immediate arrangements to send that person home may be required.

To mitigate the risks, we are implementing the following procedures:

  • We will continue to work closely with, and follow the most current guidelines established by, the state government, the CDC, and federal officials for best practices with regard to preventing, identifying, and managing COVID-19.
  • All staff have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to student arrival.
  • We will use all available means at our disposal to establish an approved testing routine that will be managed by our medical professionals.
  • We will continue to conduct daily cleaning and disinfecting using appropriate products.
  • We are prepared with pre-designated spaces that have been allocated for quarantine or suspected exposures at all sites.
  • We will continue to conduct the majority of programming outside.
  • We are asking all staff and participants to wear masks while inside communal spaces.
  • As always, we are fully committed to keeping all participants healthy and safe during their time with us.
  • Because of continuing uncertainty concerning the COVID-19 virus, as with any trip, we suggest that participants are monitored upon return, and that they refrain from close contact with medically fragile individuals as currently recommended by the CDC.

Pre-Arrival Expectations

Students and/or chaperones may not be permitted to attend Nature’s Classroom if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or have had an identified COVID-19 exposure in the 7days prior to their attendance. Nature’s Classroom reserves the right to have the final say in who can or cannot attend.

Testing and Vaccination

Like the CDC, we strongly recommend that all eligible participants receive the Covid-19 vaccine prior to arrival.

“Day Of” Screening

We are asking all participants to complete the pre-arrival screening (located on page 3) which asks about symptoms of illness or risk factors for exposure to Covid-19.

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