With campuses across New England, our variety of scenic sites allow schools near and far to bring students on the field trip of a lifetime.

From hiking trails to forests, mountains to beaches, each site presents students with different and exciting outdoor experiences. While the natural surroundings vary from site to site, each is equipped with cabins and facilities perfect for fun-filled learning.

Ivoryton, CT

Located at Incarnation Camp, our 700-acre Ivoryton property is home to beech forests, pine plantations, and a rare cedar swamp.

Lakeside, CT

Our Lakeside site, located at Camp Washington, is on 300 acres of woodlands in the Litchfield Hills of western Connecticut.

Groton, MA

Our Groton site at Grotonwood Camp is on 250 acres of land and has forest, wetlands, an expansive trail system, and a network of beaver ponds for students to explore.

Yarmouth Port, MA

Located on 44 acres at Camp Wingate Kirkland, our Yarmouth Port site has a wide variety of ecosystems for students to explore, including forests, ponds, fields, and even an old cranberry bog.

Ocean Park, ME

Our Ocean Park site at Oceanwood Camp offers ample opportunities for exploration in the woodlands, estuary, and ocean habitat that cover the 100-acre property.

Freedom, NH

Situated on 100 acres, nestled on the edge of the White Mountain National Forest, and along the shores of Ossipee Lake, our Freedom site is located at Camp Cody.

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