Our Philosophy

At Nature’s Classroom, our mission is to lead transformative learning experiences that help teachers foster self-discovery and natural curiosity in their students.

Our Vision

Our vision is to share the wonder of transformative learning with every student. We aim to inspire the future stewards of our planet to discover themselves and the world around them through scenic campuses that encourage adventure, exciting and personalized programming, and our highly qualified, fun-loving team!

Our Values

At Nature’s Classroom, we abide by the four Cs: communication, cooperation, commitment, and care. These four tenets guide us in all that we do, serving as the foundation for our philosophy. Many educators we’ve worked with have adopted the four Cs for use in their classrooms to foster teamwork and encourage collaborative problem-solving.

At Nature’s Classroom, we immerse students in authentic, real-world, hands-on activities in spectacular natural settings. Students enthusiastically share how much they’ve learned about themselves, their peers, and how life-impacting their time at Nature’s Classroom was.

Philip Ross, Director, Nature’s Classroom

Diversity & Inclusion

Outdoor Education in the United States has a history of being overwhelmingly white, even as environmental issues disproportionately impact communities of color. Nature’s Classroom staff have taken time to reflect on the effects of racism and bias in our society. Particularly, we’re focusing on how we as outdoor educators can create an even more inclusive and racially diverse space at Nature’s Classroom.

As outdoor educators, we teach our students to be loving and caring and to think critically about the world around them. With that, we have a renewed responsibility to examine ourselves and to find ways to make our program even more diverse and inclusive. We have more to learn and do in order to become better teachers for our students.

At Nature’s Classroom, we are committed to being respectful and inclusive in our culture, training, and practices. We also resolve to develop and implement policies and strategies to create greater diversity, equality, and inclusion. Changes include hiring a more diverse staff so that our community better reflects the communities we serve. We’ll also have ongoing sensitivity training and awareness sessions throughout the year.

Nature’s Classroom intends to fulfill our responsibility to support one another, and work together for positive change.

Ready to Get Started?

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