Why Nature’s Classroom

Nature’s Classroom is so much more than a field trip. We give students the opportunity to unplug from technology and plug into something more meaningful.

Nature’s Classroom has been bringing students once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunities in the great outdoors for decades. Our overnight program is our bread and butter; students who stay at any of our sites will learn priceless leadership, social, and critical thinking skills from our outstanding educators. They’ll learn about and among nature in a hands-on setting, all while practicing teamwork and collaboration. 

Riveting Programming

Our overnight program boasts full days of learning and growth, from the time students arise to lights out. From bonding and exploring in field groups to independently crafting a field guide, students learn both how to collaborate and how to work solo. There are tons of riveting outdoor learning opportunities at each of our sites, whether it’s whale watching or a nighttime hike.

Hands-On Learning

We offer a broad range of science classes at Nature’s Classroom that can pique the interest of any student. Whether it’s building a structure in an engineering class, dissecting an animal, or playing a game to supplement a lesson, our classes allow students to learn in different ways. With less lecture time and more time engaged in hands-on activities, the students are able to make better connections with each other and the lessons.

Social-Emotional Growth

Our programs also focus on social-emotional learning (SEL). SEL can help young people thrive personally and academically, teach them how to develop and maintain positive relationships, inspire them to become lifelong learners, and contribute to a more caring, just world. Through various team-building exercises and fun ice breakers, students connect to both the natural world around them and to each other.

Thoughtful Curricula

Our curricula are standards-aligned, and each program is customized to support what the students are learning in the classroom. We know that curricula aren’t one-size-fits-all, so each class, activity, and excursion is thoughtfully planned to achieve teachers’ learning goals.

Ready to Get Started?

When you choose to partner with Nature’s Classroom, you’re adding another dimension—the natural world—to your students’ education. Learn more about this class and all of our other hands-on experiential outdoor education programs by requesting a quote or contacting us today!