Silver Bay, NY

Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains on the shore of Lake George, our Silver Bay site offers awe-inspiring views and exciting hikes. Our 700-acre property is ideal for exploring, leading students to caves, waterfalls, and not one, not two, but three mountain summits!

About the Facility

Surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains and Lake George, our Silver Bay site offers students miles of hiking trails that reveal scenic vistas. Our day hikes take students to Sunrise Mountain, Jabes Pond, Inspiration Point, and the Uncas Cliffs. These hikes lead to caves, streams, waterfalls, and fascinating glacial erratic boulders. After climbing to the summit of Inspiration Point, groups spend time taking in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and Lake George. This is a great opportunity for students to discuss the importance of this body of water during the Revolutionary War while reflecting on how its use has evolved over time.


Kids standing by water.


With many options for housing, our Silver Bay facilities can accommodate groups of up to 300. Most groups stay in buildings with dormitory-style rooms, each with two beds, and either shared or private bathrooms. There’s also an option to stay in the Old Historic Inn, a nearby hotel.


Our Silver Bay site offers playing fields for sports from football to frisbee and everything in between. We’ve also got shuffleboard courts (unique to this site!) and a large gymnasium for students to play in during their free time.


Our hour-long mealtimes are a wonderful time for students to enjoy some delicious food and get to know their peers, instructors, and teachers. We’re lucky enough to have awesome chefs at all of our sites who have a lot of experience cooking for children. All of our food is kid-friendly and each kitchen can accommodate a variety of allergies/diets including vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Additional accommodations for other allergies/diets can be made upon request. Please reach out to us ASAP if you or your student needs additional accommodations!

Health & Wellness

Each of our sites has a fully stocked medical center in case of any emergencies, staffed by a trained medical professional. Additionally, all Nature’s Classroom instructors are trained in First Aid and CPR. They participate in extensive training designed to prepare our staff to execute a program that meets students’ educational, social, emotional, and physical needs. All of our sites are easily accessible by ambulance. We work closely with local and regional officials to ensure we are fully prepared for any emergency situation and we train our staff to effectively execute risk management and emergency plans.

Evening Time

Evenings with Nature’s Classroom are times to reflect and unwind from the day. Teachers and chaperones will determine an appropriate bedtime for students, but we ask that all cabins are quiet by 10:00 p.m., giving folks about an hour and a half after programming ends to relax, take showers, and get ready for bed.

Travel Times

Located right past the border between New York and Vermont, our Silver Bay site is easily accessible from western New England—under two hours from Burlington, VT, and just under three hours from Springfield, MA.

  • Albany, NY – 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Burlington, VT – 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Concord, NH – 3 hours and 20 minutes
  • Springfield, MA – 2 hours and 50 minutes

Still curious as to what students get up to for five fun-filled days? Here’s a sample schedule! Please note that some activities and times may differ slightly based on the site, but this sample schedule gives you a good idea of what our week looks like.