Cultivating Growth Through Informal Learning Adventures

At Nature’s Classroom, we look to move beyond structured lessons and journey into the outdoors for transformative learning experiences. By guiding students toward a deeper connection with nature and a broader understanding of the world around them our goal is to help them grow and learn as individuals. Find out more on how informal learning can benefit students outside of the classroom.

Unleashing the Potential of Informal Learning

Learning extends beyond textbooks and formal structures. Individuals engage in informal learning through activities like observation, experimentation, and interactions with peers. At Nature’s Classroom, we celebrate this approach, where nature itself becomes the teacher, guiding students through impactful hands-on experiences.

Learning Thrives in the Outdoors

From identifying plant species on nature hikes to navigating forest trails, our students participate in informal yet educational experiences that spark curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. Guided by our instructors, students learn through exploration, examination, and interaction with their environment. Thought-provoking activities push students to think for themselves and draw new and exciting conclusions while they learn! 

A Stress-Free Journey to Knowledge

Unlike formal learning with exams and strict timelines, learning outdoors offers students a more relaxed experience. As the rustle of leaves replaces the stress of exams, students and teachers find joy in the learning process, making lessons more sustainable and enjoyable. A break from the classroom doesn’t mean a break from learning!

Strategies for Nurturing Informal Learning in Outdoor Education

To fully harness the benefits of informal learning, we encourage strategies such as creating a knowledge-sharing culture, collating valuable resources, promoting social learning, and allocating dedicated time for exploration. By seamlessly integrating these practices into our outdoor education program, we ensure students learn not only from nature but also from each other and themselves, fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Fostering Team Unity

Through group activities and collaborative challenges, students engage in experiential learning which fosters communication and camaraderie. This approach allows individuals to naturally develop teamwork skills, adapt to situations in real-time, and create a supportive environment beyond structured lessons.

Nature’s Classroom – Informal Learning & Outdoor Education

At Nature’s Classroom, we strive to nurture curious and environmentally conscious individuals well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the future.

When children are able to explore and broaden their horizons while they learn, it allows them to apply their own insight and inquisitions to the world around them.

Learn more about our learning philosophy and plan your school’s outdoor education trip today!