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90 Minutes

This newly revamped class introduces students to the wonderful world of forestry! Whether it’s using math to calculate how old a tree is, or using exploration and discovery skills to determine the forest’s health, students love learning about—and among—the trees.

What’s Covered

Students love being able to identify trees by their bark and leaves. We think it’s critical that students get to explore the trees around them—especially if they come from cities where trees are scarce. Our students are even more fascinated when they learn that a forester is a real job they can have when they’re older!

Lessons & Activities

Students will use different mathematical formulas to determine how old certain trees are based on their species. They’ll also use their hands to take measurements of the tree and use their newfound knowledge to make grand hypotheses about how old, healthy, and diverse the forest is.

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When you choose to partner with Nature’s Classroom, you’re adding another dimension—the natural world—to your students’ education. Learn more about this class and all of our other hands-on experiential outdoor education programs by requesting a quote or contacting us today!