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Animal Dissections

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90 Minutes

A completely optional course, animal dissections are an in-depth, hands-on way for students to learn biology and anatomy. No student will be required to participate in a dissection. Our dissection process is as ethical as we can make it—we use “economy” animals that universities cannot use for research, and our educators work diligently to ensure that the whole class treats the specimens with respect.

What’s Covered

Students who are interested in anatomy are sure to find this class fascinating. They’ll learn the internal anatomy of whatever they’re dissecting and how it compares to internal human anatomy. And our educators will even cover external anatomy and how it relates to the organism’s environment, like camouflage! Students are often super excited to look inside of an animal for the first time. This class has even inspired past students to become veterinarians and doctors!

Lessons & Activities

So what will your students actually be dissecting? In scenarios where students will dissect smaller samples, each student will get their own specimen. For larger animals, like sharks or squid, the class will observe (and participate in!) the dissection of a single specimen. In the past, students have also dissected skates and perch—they’re usually aquatic animals, reptiles, or amphibians. Please note: we do not dissect fetal pigs.

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