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Animal Tracking

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90 Minutes

In this class, students create their very own animal tracking field guide and get hands-on practice tracking different signs of animals, from footprints to nests and even rubbings against trees.

What’s Covered

Students learn about different animals local to New England and how to track them. Our educators teach students what to keep an eye out for and how to track animals at home, showing them signs that they might otherwise miss right in their own backyards! Students gain a good understanding of field guides as a scientific tool by making their own.

Lessons & Activities

This class includes modeling different animal walks since different animals have different gaits. Instructors also often use rubber scat specimens or footprint specimens to illustrate their teachings. There are the field guides that each student will get to create, using their drawing skills and attention to detail. Any student who likes to solve mysteries will love this class—it’s a little bit like a scavenger hunt!

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