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Field Journaling

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90 Minutes

Field Journaling is a great way for students to marry art with science! Scientific journaling and field-guide creation is a critical, creative, and exciting part of what it means to be a scientist. By creating their own field guides, students will learn to appreciate all the work that goes into making these important scientific tools.

What’s Covered

Using drawing, writing, and even some numbers, the student-created field guides will be fully functional and students can use them to identify various things in nature! This class is great for students who enjoy art or literature—it balances the creative with the scientific in an interesting and relevant way.

Lessons & Activities

In this class, students will do some artistic exercises that will help them reconnect to nature a little bit more, like observing different leaves and trying to draw them as accurately and scientifically as possible, or studying and sketching the landscape, or even writing their very own nature poem.

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