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Night Experience

Evening Activity
90 Minutes

After exploring the woods in the daylight, our students can discover what it’s like after the sun sets during our night experience. They’ll hike under the moonlight, play games with night vision, and maybe even get to hear howling coyotes or a hooting barn owl in the distance.

What’s Covered

With built-in time for reflection, experiments, and games, the night experience is often a highlight for our students. They’ll learn to observe the many changes in their environment that nighttime brings, and get to experience nature outside of their comfort zones.

Lessons & Activities

From flashlight-less trust walks where students use communication and trust to experience the woods to an adventurous nighttime game called bat and moth, students learn a lot about the woods in the nighttime. They’ll learn about moon phases and use telescopes to inspect the night sky, conduct low-vision experiments to test out their other senses, and even learn about nocturnal animals.

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