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Orienteering is all about teaching students to navigate from point A to point B with no batteries required. Students learn how to use maps and a compass to get where they need to go, instead of relying on their phones, which is a skill that’s becoming rarer and rarer these days!

What’s Covered

In this class, students will utilize maps and a compass in a variety of games and exercises to learn how the equipment works. Above all, though, students learn how to rely on their teammates, gain independence from technology, and take leadership in a group. By unplugging, students connect more with both their surroundings and their peers.

Lessons & Activities

This tactile class teaches students how a compass works as they explore all of the different settings hands-on. The exciting challenges in this class range from trying to navigate between two points on a map to using a compass to find hidden words written on the backs of trees!

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