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Science Fair

Evening Activity
90 Minutes

Come one, come all to the Nature’s Classroom Science Fair! In this evening activity, small field groups of students travel around to various stations where the educators facilitate some sort of science experiment. Especially after a day of fun and challenging problem-solving, our Science Fair is a great time for students to unwind while still discovering the joy of science.

What’s Covered

All kinds of science are covered in this activity, from biology, chemistry, to physics! Each instructor gets their own station to teach and explore. Students learn to make hypotheses based on what information they have at hand. Then the experiment begins—each one lasts between 8 and 10 minutes. At the end, they draw conclusions based on what they’ve seen, further flexing their scientific minds.

Lessons & Activities

Learn about how sound travels with a sonic spoon experiment or pop mini bottle rockets made with Alka seltzer! Melt a penny and learn what it’s made of, or light a dollar bill on fire! Science Fair is a theatrical time for students to sit back and watch as their instructors teach exciting, enthralling lessons.

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