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Skit Night

Evening Activity
90 Minutes

Have your students put their creativity on display with Skit Night! Field groups work on their skit all week long, and each group gets the chance to perform for everyone on the last night of the program. It’s a camp-inspired tradition that’s one of our favorite evening activities!

What’s Covered

Skits can be about anything the students have learned during their time with Nature’s Classroom. Whether it’s retelling a funny story of an activity they did together or embodying our core values (the four c’s!), students get a kick out of performing in front of their peers. Skit night that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside as they reflect on a week of learning, bonding, and social-emotional growth.

Lessons & Activities

The students really enjoy creating the skit—and it’s up to them what they perform! Under the guidance of an instructor, students will work together to create, rehearse, and eventually perform their original skit. There are ample opportunities to work on them throughout the week, and practicing their skits is a great way to fill little pockets of downtime. Have an extra 15 minutes before lunch? What about a free 20 minutes before a hike? Those are perfect times to work on skits!

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When you choose to partner with Nature’s Classroom, you’re adding another dimension—the natural world—to your students’ education. Learn more about this class and all of our other hands-on experiential outdoor education programs by requesting a quote or contacting us today!