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Wilderness Survival

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90 Minutes

This class lets students try their hand at some of the survival skills they’ve seen on TV! Do your students know the four essentials needed to survive? Can they make a shelter? What about starting a matchless fire? They’ll learn all that and more in this class!

What’s Covered

The part students love most about this class has got to be making their own fire without matches or lighters. Using just flint and steel, a Ferro rod, or a bow drill, students will light a small fire on their own! They’ll learn what it takes to survive in the great outdoors and get creative about how to adapt to the setting they’re in.

Lessons & Activities

In this class, students learn to safely make fires and even build lean-to shelters (without disturbing the surrounding forest, of course!). In addition to the science lessons they’ll learn, students will exhibit socioemotional growth and practice teamwork and understanding as they work together to brave the wilderness.

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When you choose to partner with Nature’s Classroom, you’re adding another dimension—the natural world—to your students’ education. Learn more about this class and all of our other hands-on experiential outdoor education programs by requesting a quote or contacting us today!